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Imagine life without Domestic Violence

Where your mother, daughter, sister or friend doesn’t have to worry if she will be the one-in-four women affected by this epidemic.


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Donating to the Beginning Over Foundation helps us re-build and save lives by building healing retreats for victims and survivors of domestic violence. 
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Products for the Cause

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Being a survivor of domestic violence myself and knowing and surviving the hardships and struggles of everyday life, I want the world to know that change is coming. I want victims and survivors to know that I am working on pioneering a new way for them. When I say “new way”, I mean finding ways to break the stereotypes and stigma that have kept the cause from breaking out. It’s been over 40 years since the first movement started and we are still stuck in the “victim” stage. It is my hope to bring a little beauty and honor to those affected by showing that they deserve better. Better housing, better care, better support and respect. I know it will be a daunting task to undertake but to me it’s worth every disappointment, every time I’m turned away and told no, and every financial barrier I have to climb to get the funding that is needed to make an impact for victims and survivors. The pink ribbon was able to accomplish it, and so can the purple ribbon. It saddens me to think of all the families that are struggling due to the misconceptions of what it is like to be a victim. Victims are becoming homeless and/or living in poverty all because they wanted a better way for themselves and their children. My heart breaks for the forgotten families and children who have lost a loved one to domestic violence. It scares me to think that 40 plus years after the movement started, all we have are antiquated shelter programs and a piece of paper called the Protection from Abuse Act. Together I know that we can make a difference, I just need people to believe in our work and support us. After all, it’s the financial constraints that keep victims victims.

-Heidi Markow, Founder and CEO of the Beginning Over Foundation