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About the Beginning Over Foundation

Did You Know?

~Since 2005, more than 28,000 victims have lost their lives due to domestic violence in the United States.

~It is estimated that over 4,000 children each year lose a parent to domestic violence homicide in the US.

~ More than 75,000 immediate family members and young children realize their worst nightmare as they are left to face the aftermath of their loved one’s murder.

The Children…The Survivors…

Surviving children should know they deserve love, opportunity, as well as proper time & tools to heal after a devastating experience. This number does not include the thousands more that have lost their lives due to the effects of domestic violence including alcohol/substance abuse and suicide. In most circumstances, these deaths are not reported. While the victims’ stories are acknowledged by the media, many fail to recognize the impact of the loss to remaining family members who are left to grieve and raise the children. The children affected by domestic violence homicide essentially lose both parents: the murdered and the murderer. Often the invisible wounds of these families are overlooked due to a lack of knowledge and understanding.

Who Are We?

The Beginning Over Foundation recognizes the pain and daily struggles of the families of those lost to domestic violence homicide and believe that no family should be alone in their grief. Beginning Over Foundation President and Founder Heidi Markow lost her sister, Robin D. Schaffer, to domestic violence in 2005. Heidi vowed that she would not only honor her sister’s memory, but would help others move from the darkness of grief into the light of healing and healthy living. Heidi’s journey as the surviving sister was solitary and obscure; this experience shapes her mission of support, guidance, and a sense of connection to help rebuild a healthy lives.

Taking Action!

With intervention and educational programs, victims of domestic violence can break the cycle of coercion and abuse that has become normal in their lives. With a sense of community, those affected by domestic violence/homicide will feel less isolated, disconnected, and depressed. We pledge our time, energy, and voice to support victims of domestic abuse and bring them together to develop a community of survivors in order to maximize their personal growth, healing, and hope for a bright future. You are not alone in Beginning Over.